Frequently Asked Questions

Our simulators vary in cost and are anywhere between $38/hr and $65/hr. The mornings are the cheapest and evenings, weekends and holidays are the most expensive. In addition, the price is per hour and not per person. For example, if you book a standard simulator for one hour in the evening, the cost is $50. If you had one person in there, or 4 people in there, it is still $50 for that hour. However, if you split the bill between four people, it becomes $12.50 per person. Please visit our RATES page (under public membership) for all the prices per bay and per time of day.

Simulators are open for booking 7 days in advance with a free membership. If you are a paid VIP member, you can book 10 days in advance. If you are hosting a party of 20 or more, there is some leeway, and we can fit your group in earlier. Please reach out to our events coordinator at for any group larger than 20 people.

Our standard and private bays can accommodate up to 6 golfers. Our VIP bays can accommodate up to 8 golfers & seat up to 12 guests.

We always recommend booking 1 hour, per person per 18 holes (or 30 minutes for 9 holes). If you plan to have food and beverage and really want to enjoy your experience, we suggest adding on 30 minutes to be on the safe side. We book back-to-back, and never want our guests to feel like they need to rush or hurry out of their sim space, so booking an ideal amount of time will be key to ensuring you complete your game and not feel rushed.

The majority of people bring their own. Please ensure that the golf balls you bring are clean, white, and without any sharpie markings or after-market logos of any kind, as these will damage our screens. If you do not have golf balls or clubs, you may rent clubs for an additional fee (see below) and if you need a ball, you will find a selection of balls to purchase in the Pro Shop. The RCT balls, in particular, are designed specifically for Trackman, so those would always be the first ones we would recommend for the most accurate result.

We do have club rentals. Our Cobra sets are $25/set and our Titleist sets are $50/set.

You’ll pay for your simulator rental, as well as your food and beverage at the end of your golf experience. If you’d like to cover your friend’s golf or food, please let the server know.

We ask that you cancel no later than 24 hours before your start time. There may be a cancellation fee applied should this policy be abused. Please note that the cancellation policy for parties is different.

Absolutely! We can reserve part, half, or the full facility for your party. We can also reserve the lounge if you’d like to host an event without playing golf. Please reach out to our Event Coordinator for any party over 15 people and they’ll follow-up with more information.

We offer a wide variety of courses (currently 285+)from around the world. On the Trackman system, you’ll be able to search for a desired course by various difficulty levels and area. You may also visit to view the entire course list.

We ask that all guests bring clean indoor footwear to play golf. Running shoes are the best option for this, as golf shoes with spikes can damage the turf, or even result in our guest twisting their ankles. For clothing, generally speaking, as long as you are wearing clothes, we’ll let you play.

Kids who have previous golf experience and understand the etiquette of golf are welcome with adult supervision. Teens 15+ are allowed, following similar guidelines, but parents assume the risk should anything happen to their teens and/or equipment. Parents will also assume the risk for any damages to the facility. Please note that as of 8pm, our facility turns into a bar atmosphere and anyone entering must be over 19 and show valid ID to enter, if asked.

Our Golf Simulators are in very high public demand. Any hourly reduction of a reservation must be made more than 24 hours prior to the start time (as per the Silverwood’s Cancellation Policy). Should there be an early departure for any reason, the reservation owner and/or their party will still be responsible for the entire duration of the simulator booking.